Me and what I like to do

Manuela García Aldana (1990, Bogotá, Colombia)

Interdisciplinary artist. 

Berlin-based since 2014.

In my practice, listening is the beginning. My process-based work arises from a need to interact with my context and to make it visible and listened to by those who wander through it daily. 

As action art, participatory art and ephemeral art formats which often take place in the public space, I devise conviviality strategies involving others in the research into a topic or sharing of a question about a situation. Sometimes my approach is more playfully (Common Borders, I am Bolivar, Abandoned corners, sand manifests), and other times human relations come to the forefront through a dialogical approach: one on one installations echoing existentialist questions remarking details from my everyday life: storytelling of different cultures, discourses, voices and situations (want to inhabit, Jaima, the migrants confessional, the migrants altar…).

Video, installation and participatory life performances are the means with which I activate my work in the context of an exhibition. I create a temporary space of triangular relations between the subjects, objects and reception contexts where my body is more listening than speaking to the other. I weave my questions and understandings through other voices that I feel represent me. 

In another intimate level, drawing and writing are parallel thinking processes that accompany my daily studio practice.

I am a music lover, what push me to become a selectora musical (dj). Here you can check some of my mixtapes: